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Royal Biologics Announces Licensing and U.S. Commercial Launch of Bio-Reign 3D

HACKENSACK, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / May 23, 2023 / Royal Biologics, Inc., a company specializing in Advanced Cellular & Autologous Technologies for Enhanced Surgical Solutions, today announced the commercial launch of BIO-REIGN 3D™, the first natural hyper-crosslinked carbohydrate polymer bone graft substitute (BGS). This unique and proprietary technology was engineered, specifically, to offer an advanced solution for bone grafting procedures. Royal Biologics announces the launch in conjunction with their licensing agreement of Molecular Matrix’s patented underlying their Osteo-P® BGS technology.

BIO-REIGN 3D™ provides the ideal microenvironment for cell proliferation and vascularization leading to regeneration of healthy bone. BIO-REIGN 3D™ was designed to form a robust and highly porous bone graft substitute. BIO-REIGN 3D™ is radiolucent upon implantation and becomes radiopaque as the boney healing occurs which enables visualization of real-time healing. Bio-Reign 3D™ provides a physical interconnected and highly porous matrix that supports osteogenic cellular infiltration leading to new bone growth. BIO-REIGN 3D™ has a truly unique degradation profile that matches bone formation. BIO-REIGN 3D™ BGS is replaced by newly formed bone following the natural course of repair and regeneration. BIO-REIGN 3D™ has excellent compressibility, tensile strength and handling characteristics to provide superior moldability and malleability of the graft. BIO-REIGN 3D™ BGS can additionally be sutured in place to prevent graft migration.

“Numerous natural and synthetic biomaterials have been proposed as 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering, including collagen, hyaluronic acid, decellularized extracellular matrices, polylactic acid and polyglycolic acid … However, the ideal material must be biocompatible, biodegradable, bioabsorbable, nontoxic and noninflammatory. Bio-Reign 3D™ is the final result of this ideal 3D scaffold.”

Charles Lee CEO of Molecular Matrix

“We are thrilled with our announcement of our licensing of Molecular Matrix’s patented Osteo-P® BGS technology and U.S. Commercial Launch of BIO-REIGN 3D™. Launching the industry’s first Organic/Natural hyper-crosslinked carbohydrate polymer bone graft filler presents a new and novel technology for Advanced Synthetics in Orthopedics. With multiple aging technologies on the market for synthetics in Orthopedics, BIO-REIGN 3D™ presents a new fresh approach to bone grafting substitutes and advanced bone grafting strategies. This is Royal Biologics’ first iteration of this new patented technology in Orthopedics. We plan to continue to develop this patented technology closely with Molecular Matrix in multiple forms for tissue regeneration in orthopedics,” says Salvatore Leo, Chief Executive Officer at Royal Biologics.

BIO-REIGN 3D™ is Royal Biologics latest product launch which adds to their industry leading portfolio of Advanced Cellular Technologies and Regenerative Medicine platforms.

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