Portfolio Update

Royal Biologics Announces the Acquisition of FIBRINET

The acquisition of the FIBRINET system adds new novel technology to Royal Biologics’ growing portfolio of Autologous Live Cell solutions.

Royal Biologics, an ortho-biologics company specializing in the research and advancement of autologous and live cellular solutions, today announced the completed acquisition of FIBRINET, from Vertical Spine LLC. The acquisition comes as part of Royal Biologics’ strategic initiative to add novel technologies to its growing portfolio of autologous and live cellular solutions to support orthopedic and spinal fusion. 

The FIBRINET system utilizes a patient’s own autologous blood to create a platelet-rich fibrin matrix/membrane (PRFM). During this process, a patient’s autologous platelets are harvested first through centrifugation and then combined with a proprietary solution to solidify into a fibrin clot/membrane. PRFM can be used to help augment spinal fusions and provide surgeons a new and novel biologic option. FIBRINET is the first commercialized system that utilizes a non-thrombin solution to create a reproducible platelet-rich fibrin matrix. The use of its proprietary solution to solidify a fibrin membrane provides the unique advantage of creating a biologic reservoir of growth factors and stem cells that can be held and used at the point of care for spinal fusion.

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