Flexible Capital

We tailor investments to fit the needs of our partners and their companies.

Our Businesses

We provide flexible capital to entrepreneur‑owned businesses.

Our flexible investment approach is valued and desirable for companies that do not fit into the restrictive focus of single‑product private equity, mezzanine, or senior debt providers. Our investment set is expanded to include growth capital, minority investments, leveraged buyouts, and recapitalizations. By investing in opportunities up and down the capital structure, we tailor our investments to fit the unique wants and needs of our partners in order to help them achieve their ultimate goals.

Big Easy Blends

Corporate Investment Criteria

Investment Size
  • $10-$30 Million
Core Sectors
  • Business Services
  • Food & Agribusiness
  • Healthcare
  • Niche Manufacturing & Distribution
Target Company Profile
  • Lower Middle Market
  • $25-$100 Million of Revenue
  • $3-$15 Million of EBITDA
  • EBITDA Margin Greater than 10%
  • Gross Profit Margins Greater than 30%
Target Transaction Types
  • Growth Financing
  • Partial or Control Recapitalizations - Individual Shareholder Liquidity
  • Management/Independent Sponsor
  • Co‑Investment with Strategic Partners
  • Special Situations

Corporate Investing

Granite Creek is a partner to businesses, bringing our support infrastructure to build companies and optimize operations. Frequently, Granite Creek is the first institutional investor in a company and helps position the company to further access capital markets when needed. Granite Creek searches for businesses with defensible market niches, recognized brands, strong intellectual property and/or manufacturing process assets led by entrepreneurial management teams.

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Specialized Real Estate Investing

Granite Creek has a successful track record in specialty real estate finance. From the co-founding of Renovo Financial, one of the nation’s leading specialty real estate rehab and construction lender, to the formation or Moraine Farmland Partners, a fund dedicated to the purchasing and active management of farmland properties in the Midwest, Granite Creek continues to explore lucrative opportunities in the specialized real estate finance space.

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