Owner of Zonatherm Reveals the Firm’s Number One Secret to Success: An Employee-Focused Culture

Many factors contribute to a small company’s rise to success but for Zonatherm Products Inc., a manufacturer’s representative for mission-critical power and cooling solutions, one key element to the company’s accomplishments has truly stood out amongst the rest.

When speaking with Stephen Izzo, Owner of Zonatherm and Granite Creek Executive Council Member, he stated that if you are looking to build a successful business, “above all else, build an employee-centric culture.” The firm prides itself on fostering an employee-focused culture with exceptional work-life balance. But more than that, Zonatherm offers employees a share in the company’s success. When you take care of your employees and provide them with significant benefits and opportunities, you then have an employee base of motivated, happy, and fulfilled individuals. Izzo has seen firsthand how happy employees have made a direct impact on the success of the company and explained that “our mission of being a great place to work with top-notch employees has directly led to more satisfied customers, leading to more business.”  Izzo goes on to explain that many aspects drive a firm’s culture, and the processes you put in place to maintain and oversee these factors are what can truly set your company apart. 

Two Key Drivers to a Successful Company Culture:

Implement a systemic process for hiring

When implementing procedures for hiring, make sure to be in the business of behavior selection rather than behavior modification. Selecting people with the right mindset and personality for the job will have lasting effects on both their work product as well as the firm as a whole. 

Provide a path to success in employees’ careers

Providing employees with avenues toward personal growth, when done in a way that is financially stable for the company, can lead to lasting, tangible company achievements. Examples include promoting from within, setting up meaningful profit-sharing incentives, and offering access to continued learning and development.

About Zonatherm

Products, Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative for industry-leading products specializing in HVAC and power generation, distribution, and protection. ThermFlo, Inc. offers engineering services, installation, and preventive maintenance for HVAC, generator, and electrical systems. Together, Zonatherm and ThermFlo design, install, and service industry-leading mission-critical solutions, delivering excellence and peace of mind to our clients.

About Stephen Izzo

Stephen graduated from Northwestern in 1977 with a degree in engineering and has been working for Zonatherm ever since. As the leader of the pack, he strives to provide the strategy and resources for the leadership team to create a workplace where everyone is set up to succeed. As a former sales engineer, he’s seen the benefits of a rewarding work environment permeate to his clients. His golden rule is our first fundamental, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Stephen got his professional engineering license PE in 1983.