Portfolio Update, Press Release

Granite Creek Portfolio Company, Veterinary Pharmaceutical Solutions, Announces Acquisition of Diamond Animal Health

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Solutions (“VPS”) today announced the acquisition of Diamond Animal Health, a key contract manufacturer of animal health solutions, from Mars Corporation. VPS’s acquisition of Diamond Animal Health was completed in partnership with private investment firm Granite Creek Capital Partners, L.L.C.

This is a strategic move that expands VPS’s position beyond its status as the market leader in livestock pharmacy compounding. Diamond Animal Health is a proven partner in contract manufacturing and research of animal vaccines and pharmaceuticals. This acquisition is an opportunity for Diamond Animal Health and Veterinary Pharmaceutical Solutions to grow together and significantly broaden their capabilities in the animal health industry.

“This acquisition marks an exciting new chapter for both Veterinary Pharmaceutical Solutions and Diamond Animal Health,” notes Dean Warras, Chief Executive Officer of both entities. “We are excited to welcome Diamond Animal Health to our team as we diversify our product offerings, expand our research and development capabilities and elevate our overall operations.”

The acquisition will create an integrated animal health platform that is uniquely positioned due to three key pillars of offerings:

  1. FDA-approved cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing
  2. USDA-approved vaccine manufacturing
  3. Boards of Pharmacy and FDA regulated compounding capabilities

“The collective experience of the Veterinary Pharmaceutical Solutions and Diamond Animal Health teams will greatly benefit both organizations and enhance each of their abilities to support the industry,” said Warras. “The team at Veterinary Pharmaceutical Solutions is committed to investing for growth and bringing Diamond Animal Health under the umbrella to really strengthen our offerings.”

“Diamond Animal Health is excited to be part of a group that is 100% focused on animal pharmaceuticals and serving the livestock and companion animal industries. We believe that our new ownership will help us execute on serving our current customers and bring new and innovative offerings to the market in the years ahead,” states Laurie Peterson, General Manager, Diamond Animal Health.

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Solutions has demonstrated its commitment to innovation by continually expanding a product pipeline through the development and acquisition of new solutions that meet the evolving needs of its loyal customer base. In addition to product innovation, Veterinary Pharmaceutical Solutions significantly expanded its team of veterinarians, pharmacists and industry experts in 2023.

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