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Granite Creek Announces Investment in Sayres to Support its Acquisition of Global Systems Technologies, Inc.

Granite Creek today announced a debt and equity investment in Sayres Defense (Sayres), a provider of defense support, engineering, and technical assistance services to U.S. government agencies worldwide, in support of its acquisition of Global Systems Technologies, Inc. (GST). The acquisition was led by Sayres’ private equity sponsor, Broadtree Partners LLC (Broadtree), and was also completed in partnership with JP Morgan Chase and Muzinich BDC, Inc.

Sayres’ acquisition of GST, a provider of technical support and engineering services to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and other federal agencies, comes as the Company’s second add-on acquisition. In June 2023, Sayres acquired Joint Research and Development (JRAD), a provider of test and evaluation, acquisition analysis, and science and technology support services. The acquisition of GST broadens JRAD’s existing systems engineering and technical assistance capabilities and customer base.

This acquisition marks an exciting new chapter for Sayres. GST is a fantastic complement to JRAD and will provide the companies the opportunity to expand their market reach and better serve their customers, through enhanced mission-focused capabilities and a broader suite of service offerings.”

Brad Batten, Managing Partner at Broadtree

Andrew Kearney, Director at Granite Creek, added, “We are thrilled to support Broadtree and Sayres’ acquisition of GST. The Company’s industry-leading management team, Broadtree’s proven stewardship, and the combined Company’s broad and unique service offerings position Sayres to continue providing customers with world-class support and execute on its mission to become the next great middle-market government contractor.”

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